The Whole Story: Flip-flop weather: Tuesday, Vermont had warmest day in the USA

According to NBC5 television meteorologist Tyler Jankoski, Vermont was the warmest place in the United States on Dec. 1. The city of Burlington broke the national record with the high for the day reaching 65 degrees F (18.8 C).

By Lou Varricchio, The Vermont Eagle

NBC5's Jake Cookson also reported that "Los Angeles clocked in at 50 degrees during that time. Orlando was at 47 degrees. And Brownsville, near the southern tip of Texas? Just 40 degrees at the time of Vermont's reading. Burlington would go on to set a record for the warmest temperature ever recorded in the city on Dec. 1, at 65 degrees. Most of the places you could typically expect to be warmer would, ultimately, pass that mark too."

Cookson added that the National Weather Service tabulated that last month was "tied" as the third-warmest on record in the Green Mountain State.

In addition to several Middlebury College students sporting flip-flop sandals on campus, multiple motorists were also observed by The Eagle cruising the downtown area with their sporty, convertible tops firmly in the "down" position. Several cabriolets looped around Middlebury's Main Street rotary in apparent celebration of the unusual warmth.

It was a rare start to the month of December with Vermonters taking full advantage of the narrow daytime window in which to soak up solar rays as part of the late autumn, spring-like weather.

"Looking at long-range data, fall is about 4.1 degrees warmer than it was in 1970," NBC5 meteorologist Ben Frechette wrote in a Facebook post. "If these trends continue, many of our most lucrative industries (maple sugaring, ski resorts, etc.) will have to deal with the consequences."



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