The U.S. Has Neither Systemic Voter Fraud nor Voter Suppression – Ilya Shapiro

The ink was not yet dry on President Trump’s certificate of election in 2016 when The Resistance kicked into high gear, attacking the integrity of our electoral system.

“Less than a month after his election, Hollywood leftists such as Martin Sheen began running television ads imploring GOP electors to abandon the incoming president and vote for someone else. When that plan went sideways, leftists shifted to a new strategy: Proclaim the president illegitimate by attacking our election system’s integrity. They soon bombarded the American people with outrageous and erroneous claims that Russia hacked our election. They said Trump was a Russian agent. Rachel Maddow used her MSNBC platform to make the case that Vladimir Putin was dictating talking points to the president and otherwise controlling the White House. All these assertions were proved to be part of a well‐orchestrated campaign to undermine the administration’s legitimacy, but it didn’t stop there. Even after the conclusion of the Robert Mueller probe, which had dozens of FBI agents investigate those claims, some in the media continued to push the notion that it was not the American people who elected Donald Trump, but Russian operatives."



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