Tests faulty - only two reported cases in Manchester - Seven Days

Good news that it’s not as bad as we thought?

"Many of the test results that suggested a large coronavirus outbreak in southern Vermont appear to have been flawed, state health officials said on Friday. The Vermont Department of Health has only been able to confirm two infections in the Manchester-Londonderry area so far this week, and all 405 samples processed from a pair of emergency testing sites have come back negative for the virus. “This is a good indication that these cases are not spreading within the community,” Health Commissioner Mark Levine said. Town residents began panicking last weekend as local doctors at an urgent care clinic reported a sudden spike in positive COVID-19 tests. Manchester Medical Center, an independent commercial clinic, has reported roughly 60 positive tests over the past week — far more than the total cases recorded in nearby towns since the pandemic began. Businesses shut down, the weekend farmers market was canceled, and rumors abounded about the sources and severity of the suspected outbreak."

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