Sword taken from General Stark statue - Bennington Banner

Not only has the sword been taken from the statue of the hero of the Battle of Bennington - but a state of Vermont officials want to make sure the statue “is not perceived negatively” before restoring it. Hardly inspiring support for the man who rallied his troops facing the British by yelling, “They are ours, or this night Molly Stark sleeps a widow!”

"We just don't know" and don't want to assume one way or another, Trieschmann said of the reason for the sword's removal. It could have been the result of someone climbing on the statue and the sword snapping off, she said, but the state is "trying to be sensitive to the fact that it could have been intentional." From a "cultural resource management point of view, we would like to restore it," Trieschmann said, but the state also wants to make sure that the Stark statue "is not perceived negatively" before it devotes resources to a restoration effort."

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