Sweet subsidy for EV buyers goes for upgrades, not first-time buys – VT Digger

A state subsidy aimed at putting more Vermont fannies in the seats of Electric Vehicles is being used by EV dealers to upgrade current EV drivers into newer models. Not what the Legislature had in mind…..

"The practice by Freedom Nissan in South Burlington is legal but appears to benefit from a loophole and runs contrary to the intent of the program — to expand the number of people on the roads driving electric vehicles, or EVs. The e-vehicles turned back in don’t always stay in Vermont, experts said. “It sounded fishy to me because this subsidy is supposed to put new EV drivers on the road, not upgrade people to better electric cars,” said Rob Goodwin, a Montpelier resident who started leasing a Nissan Leaf from the dealership last summer. Applying a federal and a utility incentive to the lease “made the numbers work” for him to drive electric, Goodwin said.

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