Sued Rutland gym reopens as outdoor fitness center - Associated Press

Good weather to the rescue! “Fitness lives because we’re outside,” the owner of a Rutland gym sued for SOE non-compliance said.

"The Vermont attorney general on Friday had sued Club Fitness of Vermont and owner Sean Manovill for staying open in violation of state rules, and a judge hours later granted a temporary order barring it from operating. Manovill had temporarily stopped operating the gym after the attorney general sent a cease-and-desist letter May 5, but he reopened on Friday, the attorney general’s office said. An officer saw people exercising without masks and not staying 6 feet (2 meters) apart, the office said. He also did not see any hand-sanitizing stations or signs advising people to wear masks, to maintain social distance or to clean equipment, it said. Manovill said he closed after getting the order on Saturday and says the police accusations are false. On Tuesday, he reopened as an outdoor fitness center, he said."

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