Study group wants Legislature to fund consultant for ‘public access’ TV funding problem – The Commons

A Legislative summer study committee met six times to determine how to replace public access TV funding that has been dropping due to declining use of cable TV and federal funding cuts. Conclusion? Hire a consultant

“[Windham County Sen. Becca] Balint said that she and the committee vice-chair, Rep. Michael Yantachka, D-Charlotte, will submit companion bills to their respective committees once the lawmakers return to Montpelier in January. From there, the proposal will move through the legislative process. “I don’t think it will be a heavy lift,” she said.

The source of the funding to hire a consultant is to be determined, said Balint. The study group felt more comfortable with having the House and Senate appropriations committees determine the amount and origin of funding, rather than suggesting a dollar amount on their own, she added."

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