Stowe lacrosse tournament cancelled amid community ‘vitriol’ - VT Digger

The Bitter Lacrosse tournament has been cancelled due to community response that has been, well, bitter. Local resort owner and organizer E.W. Bitter said he will think twice before holding the tournament in Stowe again, even when the virus has passed.

"An online petition to postpone the event received more than 350 signatures. Bitter, though, said the response turned into “growing anger, threats and vitriol” expressed in public and private. Williams said she didn’t see anything of the sort in social media discussions. “I don’t think that’s what our community is about,” she said. “Our community is very welcoming. I think that those comments and those actions are based on fear. I can only speak for myself when I say that having an extra couple thousand people come into town right now isn’t the best idea given the current circumstances of the ongoing pandemic.”."

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