State takes Vermonter’s gun rights by recategorizing misdemeanor into felony – True North Reports

A hunter and sporting enthusiast has lost his legal right to own guns. A 2015 law recategorized a 10-year-old misdemeanor into a felony – thus allowing the state to take his guns.

"According to Bates, he attended a county fair one year and discovered that a former partner, whom he was not allowed to see due to a restraining order, was also at the fair. Realizing that close proximity with his ex-girlfriend wasn’t permitted, he left the grounds. However, the incident was reported and Bates was charged with violating his abuse prevention order — a misdemeanor. Bates says he accepted the charge because it was nonviolent and wouldn’t result in the loss of any of his rights, such as his Second Amendment right to own a gun.

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  • Patrick Finnie
    commented 2019-12-22 13:04:43 -0500
    Chip, chip, away at the stone ! One gun law at a time? Hell if we let them, they’ll take them one gun, one person at a time. Don’t believe the B.S. that all they want is this or that one concession. They won’t be happy until the only ones left with the ability to protect themselves are the bad guys and the cops.