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A Vermont State Police lieutenant was driving a pickup truck when a county sheriff saw him speeding. The Smokey flashed his blues, eventually pulled over, didn’t get a ticket, and spun his tires when allowed to leave.

"In the latest case, State Police Lt. Cory Lozier was driving a silver unmarked truck going 65 miles per hour in a 40-mph zone in Monkton when the Addison County Sheriff's Department attempted to stop him last week, officials said. The incident happened on a winding narrow section of Bristol Road and fresh rain had made for a slick surface about 9:05 a.m. on June 11. When the Addison deputy sheriff, Sgt. Michael Elmore, used the blue lights on his cruiser to signal the speeding vehicle to pull over, the driver, Lozier, flashed the hidden blue lights on the unmarked truck, apparently to try to indicate he was a police officer, the sheriff's department said. Elmore still tried to pull over the truck to ensure a real police officer was driving and that it wasn't somebody with unauthorized blue lights installed in his vehicle, the sheriff's department said. The deputy also wanted to understand what emergency the driver was responding to that required going 25 mph over the posted speed limit and with disregard for the community, Sheriff Peter Newton said."

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