State deficit shrunk to "only" $55 million - Associated Press

House Speaker Mitzi Johnson told her fellow House members, on the first day of the final session of the 2019-2020 Vermont Legislature, that a budget deficit once feared to be upwards of $400 million is now about $55 million.

"Better than expected state revenues, increased federal money for Medicaid reimbursement and small budget cuts and a state hiring freeze can help make up the difference. Coronavirus funds have also been released for some state expenses, Johnson said."

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  • d pilone
    commented 2020-08-27 11:05:59 -0400
    The delta between 400 million and 55 million is 345 million dollars. What gives? Please explain the difference! 1.25 Billion given to the state from the Feds courtesy of Patrick Leahy. Sounds like some creative bookkeeping is in the works. Me thinks an independent audit of the books is required Mitzi.