Springfield state prison seeks to control ‘dangerous and escalating situation’ – Fox 44

An officer was injured in an assault by an inmate, and other acts of violence have led prison officials to say there is a “dangerous and escalating situation” at the Vermont state prison in Springfield. Prisoners barricading themselves in a cell were finally broken up by use of “a handheld diversionary device.” Flash-bang?

"According to the state, it started after an inmate hit the officer with a blunt weapon at a podium. While that assault happened, two inmates in the India Unit attacked another inmate. In response, an officer apparently used pepper spray to subdue the attackers. At the same time, we’re told corrections staff locked the remaining inmates in their cells and secured those involved in the incident.

About a half hour later, the Department of Corrections said the situation escalated when two inmates in that same unit barricaded themselves in their cell. Several agencies were activated, and the statewide Crisis Intervention Team was put on standby. A Special Response Team used what they called a handheld diversionary device into the cell to finally resolve the situation.

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