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This is the way we watch your hands, watch your hands, watch your hands, this is the way we watch your hands, so we don’t get corona…..

Dahlberg started out by creating a device called WashSense, a kindle-like tablet designed to be mounted on a wall next to a sink. The screen delivers real-time feedback on hand-washing technique and collects data about how hand-washers are doing. Dahlberg later expanded the company to include record-keeping software for long-term care facilities, and named that piece of the company Arsana Health. The battery operated WashSense uses a Bluetooth network for wireless monitoring. It can reward users who earn high scores for their hand-washing technique, for example by entering them into a company’s daily prize drawing. It can collect data anonymously, or can record who was washing their hands at any given time if the hand-washer is wearing an identification tag. And it can report to managers if someone is skipping the hand-washing, doing a sub-par job, or following World Health Organization instructions by doing a proper scrub for up to 30 seconds, said Vin Fusca, a Windsor resident who is joining the company as chief revenue officer in July.."

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