Speaker Johnson says majority of legislators back legal sale of marijuana – Marijuana Moment

The marijuana industry trade press is celebrating – Speaker Mitzi Johnson seems to be signaling that 2020 will be the year Big Marijuana finally gets to grow and sell its addictive, psychosis-inducing product in Vermont.

“During a Thursday press conference in which House Speaker Mitzi Johnson (D) and Senate President Pro Tempore Tim Ashe (D) discussed legislative priorities for the 2020 session, the speaker said there is currently enough multi-party support in her chamber to pass a bill legalizing cannabis commerce next year. “Given what I’ve heard from people, I believe there is a solid tri-partisan majority in the House that would like to see tax and regulate pass this year,” Johnson said. When pressed again to answer the question, specifically, of whether the bill has a significant chance of passage, Johnson continued, “I believe there is the will in the House to pass it this year.”

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  • d pilone
    commented 2019-12-25 09:27:30 -0500
    State officials don’t care about what you think on this subject. Just shut up because we’re ramming legalization down your throat. You see we in the legislature will get rich while you peons get to deal with the addiction, the mental illness and suicide. Hey we only listen to the UVM nutty professor who thinks marijuana cures cancer. Once we get most of our youth on this crap they’ll be more in-debt to us than ever. We’ll be able to acquire even more public domain from under their noses. Pot will make the electorate even more compliant then they already are now. As far as pot being used as medicine it is malarkey. A guy walks into his doctors office and says doc I have a problem. I defecate in my pants. The doc says don’t worry I had a drug salesman in here the other day and he gave me some new samples. Try this stuff and come back to see me in a couple weeks. OK. He comes back in two weeks and the doc asks how it worked out. The patient replies I have good news and bad news. The doc asks what’s the bad news. Well I still defecate in my pants. But the good news is NOW I DON’T CARE.