Should Vermont ban trapping? - Montpelier Bridge

The Vermont Department of Fish & Wildlife has rejected petitions from POW (Protect Our Wildlife) to keep leghold traps away from public trails.

“Brenna Galdenzi, president of the wildlife advocacy group Protect Our Wildlife (POW), said that along with causing animals prolonged suffering before being “dispatched” (killed), traps pose a deadly risk to incidental wildlife and pets that unwittingly wander into them.
“Trapping is such a horrifically cruel practice that really serves no purpose in a civilized society,” Galdenzi said. “And tragically, the excuse we hear time and time again is that it’s ‘tradition.’”
Current state laws allow traps to be placed on both private (with permission) and public land, with no distance requirement from public trails. Trappers are not obligated to report what species are found dead in the traps or released injured back into the wild, and they are permitted to kill animals in the traps by any method they choose, including bludgeoning, strangling, and drowning."



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  • Patrick Finnie
    commented 2020-03-21 17:30:23 -0400
    Maybe I should move to Ms. Galdenzi"s home state and tell them how to live. It’s probably too late for a ban on urban refugees ???