Senator slams Act 250 bill process - Seven Days

For years, participants in Act 250 have complained about its user-unfriendliness and lack of transparency. Now that senators are reviewing changes in the bill itself, the same complaints are being heard.

"Sen. John Rodgers (D- Essex/Orleans) took issue Wednesday with the Senate Natural Resources Committee's work, noting that neither he nor Sen. Corey Parent (R-Franklin), both members of the committee, had been able to vote on an amendment earlier this week due to telecommunications difficulties. The residents of his rural district are frustrated about their inability to participate in online legislative hearings, especially on bills of such consequence, Rodgers said. “I don’t understand why pieces of legislation that are going to affect so many people are allowed to move forward in a Zoom format,” Rodgers said. “It’s not transparent and it’s not friendly to the public or the people who want to participate.”"

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