Senator expects lively battle over new vote-by-mail law - Vermont Daily

Caledonia County Sen. Joe Benning said passing a new bill to exclude Gov. Phil Scott from the 2020 election vote-by-mail decision-making process won’t be easy for supporters. And the Senate chair that moved the bill through her committee seems unaware of the national brouhaha over mandatory vote-by-mail.

“Sen. Joe Benning (R-Caledonia) asked Gov Ops Chair Sen. Jeanette White (D-Windham): “Can I ask you whether you’re familiar with any litigation going on around the country that has sought to block these efforts?” Sen. White: “Not that I know, and I do know that in some states this is seen as highly partisan, but I also know that Idaho which is considered a very red state has been doing this kind of voting for a number of years so it isn’t it isn’t really a partisan issue at all.” If Sen. White is comparing the Vermont plan to Idaho’s, she is incorrect in at least one important aspect. Although due to the pandemic the Idaho May 19 primary election was conducted solely by absentee ballot, the State of Idaho website clearly says specifically that voters must request absentee ballots. By contrast the Vermont plan would unilaterally mail ballots to all registered voters."



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  • Patrick Finnie
    commented 2020-05-31 11:31:46 -0400
    I cherish my right to vote, and believe that it is not to much to expect that citizens who choose to do so, and who are legally able to exercise that right should go to a polling place, produce acceptable identification, be checked against a current list of voters, and mark a ballot, then deposit it into an approved ballot collection receptacle. If for whatever reason you are not physically able to vote in this manner, there are already other options available to vote . (mail in, or voting ahead) I just don’t understand or accept the idea that it’s appropriate to mass mail ballots to mail boxes to be marked by whomever takes receipt of them. That’s okay ? Really ? Using COVID 19 as an excuse to promote this idea does not fly as most of those promoting this crapulocity have been doing so since before the pandemic.