Senate passes $60 million in worker grants for ‘hazard pay’ – Seven Days

Every cent is coming from Vermont’s federal recovery money. And employers can’t retract the ‘hazard pay’ wage hikes bestowed in recent months on most low-paid commercial and health care workers.

"The $60 million grant program aims to reward the estimated 33,500 nursing home workers, grocery store clerks and retail employees who put themselves at risk by remaining on the job during the crisis. Workers who put in at least 108 hours during one of the two periods covered by the grants — March 13 to April 14 or April 14 to May 15 — would qualify for the full $1,000 each period. Those who worked at least 34 hours would receive $600 per month under the bill. “The hospital has lost millions of dollars since 2016. While NMC is not in an emergent financial position yet, the trajectory of losses is alarming, and we must take action immediately,” said Interim Chief Executive Jerry Barbini."

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