Senate committee not excited about Act 250 review - VT Daily

The Senate Natural Resources and Energy Committee is questioning whether this year it can complete a thorough review of the long, complex House bill revising Act 250.

““The whole Act 250 thing, it’s a huge issue that a lot of people want to take part in and weigh in on and I don’t see it happening through this [online] format,” Sen. John Rodgers (D – Essex/Orleans) said. “Your point’s well-taken,” Chair Bray told Rodgers. “Actually we distributed your memo to the committee and prior to talking about it….. we were all on the same page.” At that moment, real life in the Zoom era intervened to underscore Rodgers’ point. As the committee conversed, committee guest and Natural Resources Board Chair Diane Snelling suddenly could be heard having another phone conversation. She was obviously unaware that everyone on the call could hear her. The effect was chaotic. “And there’s a prime example of why Act 250 shouldn’t be done on Zoom, right there,” Rodgers observed with a laugh."



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