Sen. Dick Sears says urban drug gangs may affect inmate racial disparity, but aren’t the whole problem – Vermont Daily Chronicle

Out-of-state, urban drug gang activity in Vermont may play a role in racial disparity of Vermont inmates, but does not fully explain it, Sen. Dick Sears (D-Bennington), chair of Senate Judiciary Committee, said on the Dave Gram Show today.

“Judiciary Committee chair for more than two decades, Sears is perhaps Vermont’s most influential legislator on matters of law and order. During a lengthy interview on the WDEV public affairs call-in show, Sears said the Legislature this year will review and act on recommendations by Justice Reinvestment II, an initiative to cut both crime and incarceration by investing in community crime prevention programs. JR2 must determine why, in a state population just one percent African-American, black people comprise eight percent of incarcerated Vermonters."

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