Selling ‘carbon credits’ from the working Vermont forest - VT Business Magazine

Until now, forest ‘carbon credit’ schemes have all required forests to remain pristine and unworked - and therefore not profitable for the owners. But a new plan would allow Vermont forest landowners to both work the land and profit from its carbon-consuming value. Because a piece of wooden furniture made from Vermont trees is more than just a dresser, a table, or a chair - it’s a “carbon sequestration device.”

“Pointing to conservation easements and Vermont’s Current Use program, both of which reduce tax burdens, as well as more traditional forms of income such as maple syrup production and timber harvesting, Hancock sees the carbon market as another way for landowners to afford to keep their forests intact and prevent development or conversion to a non-forest use. The Cold Hollow Carbon project is expected to return between $25 to $47 per acre/year to landowners for the first ten years.”

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