Sec State Condos falls for Costco internet scam – briefly – VPO

Vermont Secretary of State James Condos reposted that fake Costco coupon that’s been making its way around Facebook – the one that says you’ll get $75 if you repost. After just a few minutes it came down, but the oopsie did not go unnoticed.

“Condos was unavailable for comment, but his chief of staff Eric Covey confirmed the story. “The Secretary did repost a chain-style Facebook post offering a $75 Costco coupon on his personal Facebook page,” Covey said. “Within minutes, he realized his mistake and deleted the post.” So wait. In so doing, did Condos destroy a public record? No, because the post was on his personal page, not his official one. In addition, it had nothing to do with his day job. “Had it been related to his official business, we would have preserved it regardless,” explained Covey. According to Covey, Condos is on safe legal ground. But if nothing else, it’s an embarrassing moment for the guy who spends a lot of his time warning Vermonters of the dangers of hackers and scammers.

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