Scott says Ascutney school board may have violated principal’s free speech rights - Vermont Daily

The school board that dismissed a school principal for questioning aspects Black Lives Matter may have violated her First Amendment rights, Gov. Phil Scott said Monday.

“At today’s press conference, Gov. Scott expressed similar concerns. Vermont Daily asked Gov. Scott, “As the chief executive sworn to uphold the Vermont Constitution, do you think the Ascutney School Board is stifling free speech by threatening the Windsor School principal with the loss of her job for expressing skepticism about some of the BLM tactics?” Gov. Scott replied: “It sounds like a constitutional question that is appropriate to ask. [The governor said he is aware of the situation, and does not know if the principal has hired a lawyer.] “I do question a bit that when you have someone who is expressing their right to free speech, to be penalized for that, is problematic.”"



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