Scott rock-solid against climate, minimum wage bills – VT Digger

If a bill is bad for the economy or adds to the cost of living, I won’t sign it, says Gov. Phil Scott. So – you see the Vermont Legislature’s problem.

"During his first press conference of 2020, the governor said he has major concerns with the latest minimum wage proposal and a bill that would mandate statewide carbon emissions reductions. He also said he isn’t interested in reconsidering a waiting period for firearm purchases. His stances were predictable but problematic for Democratic leadership, which despite a large majority in both legislative chambers has struggled to rally the votes needed to override Scott’s veto pen.

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  • d pilone
    commented 2020-02-04 12:20:32 -0500
    I’m tired of subsidizing all these altruistic kickback schemes. Look what is happening in San Francisco. It turns out that entrepreneurs are lining up to make money off of the homeless. They are waiting for the politicians to allocate government money so their contributors can make a fortune on services and hardware contracts. Tell me it ain’t so , Joe. Or should I say Nancy! Gov. Scott……Don’t be a Nancy!