Scott expands SOE to Sept. 15, gives college towns more powers - Vermont Daily

At a recent press conference, Gov. Scott didn’t directly answer when asked if he would consider a “two-tiered” approach to Covid restrictions, with one set for at-risk areas like college towns, and another for less-affected areas. Friday he gave his answer: municipalities can crack down on large gatherings and liquor licensing in an effort to limit transmission, especially among college students.

“The latest order enables cities and towns to enact stricter local limits for gathering sizes than those established by the State. Municipalities may also mandate shorter hours for the sale of alcohol by bars and clubs than those set forth by the Department of Liquor and Lottery. “As college students begin to return to Vermont, I believe giving our towns – especially the college towns – some additional mitigation measures to work with is the right thing to do,” said Governor Scott."



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  • Deborah Dailey
    commented 2020-08-17 22:28:29 -0400
    According to the latest statistics from the CDC, Chittenden county has had a total of 756 cases versus 759 for the entire rest of the state. Chittenden county has had 39 deaths, while the entire rest of the state has had only 19. The “curve”, which was supposed to be the reason for the shutdown in the first place, has been flat for a long time now, especially in the number of fatalities, which are more significant than the number of cases, many of which are mild.

    If Chittenden is still having a problem, at least we should be able to open up the remaining counties. There already is a treatment for this virus, in the form of hydroxychloroquine. The other option would be to end the shutdown now, protect the vulnerable, and let the rest of us develop natural herd immunity. I, for one, have a religious/philosophical objection to vaccines. Does that mean that if we are waiting for a vaccine before things return to normal, and if I will not take it, I could possibly be kept under lockdown forever? That is not acceptable.