Scott defends not enforcing social distancing at protests - Vermont Daily

Gov. Scott said he hopes there is not an outbreak stemming from police brutality protests, at which social distancing was encouraged but not required by state officials. But - big picture here - Vermont is safer because “there hasn’t been as much violence.”

“I’ve been very proud of what happened over the weekend. We want to make sure people are safe. We hope there is not an outbreak because of that. I believe that how we have handled this has led to more safety, there hasn’t been as much violence of what we have seen throughout the country.” He was then asked by Vermont Daily why protesters could not be required to socially distance and wear masks. “We have an opportunity to do something better for society,” Gov Scott said. “The alternative is to do what? Do we do mass arrests? [Require protesters to] to disperse? What we saw in Washington is an affront to what we stand for. That’s not the best way to handle things. We’re doing the best we can with the information we have in hand. We have to do two things at once. Change is needed. I believe that having these protests, to make sure their voices are heard, takes priority over that.”"



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