Scott congrats to Biden not premature, he says - Vermont Daily

Given the bias of the press that “called” the election Saturday, and the newness of mail-in voting and allegations of fraud, does Phil Scott think his congratulations Saturday to “President Elect” Biden premature? No, he does not.

“At his press conference Tuesday, Vermont Daily asked Gov. Scott if he had spoken too soon: “Governor, not all reliable national media have ‘called’ Pennsylvania for Joe Biden and said he has 270 votes. Given that the national Associated Press that “called” PA for Biden was also extremely critical of the president and wouldn’t cover the Hunter Biden laptop story, do you wonder if maybe you jumped the gun a little in congratulating him as the President-elect?” “No, I don’t believe so,” Scott answered. “Even a Republican senator from Pennsylvania [Pat Toomey]…. believes the election went to Biden. I don’t believe I jumped the gun on this.”"



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