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The pandemic voting law passed in March says the Secretary of State can’t impose universal voting-by-mail without the governor’s consent. Sec State Jim Condos wants Phil Scott’s okay, but he hasn’t gotten it yet.

"At his Wednesday COVID-19 briefing, the governor said he and Condos spoke on Saturday about voting by mail in not only November, but also the August primary election. “If it’s a lower number of people actually participating in the primary, there might be a good way to get people to try it out, so to speak, to get people accustomed to doing this,” he said. However, according to Gov. Scott, Condos already has a plan for the primary and is more worried about the general election. The governor also said he’s concerned about the psychological impact of making — up to six months in advance — a significant change to something as critical to society as an election. “At the time, right now, that we’re trying to open the economy back up and give people a sense of normalcy, we’re already talking about shutting down something that has been an institution,” he said."

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  • Patrick Finnie
    commented 2020-05-10 14:44:33 -0400
    Sorry but I just don’t trust those that say we should all be voting through the U.S. mail. That’s not going to be free ! Do these folks want to do this to help bailout the failing U.S. Postal system ? I think not. So it’s because of COVID ? No, some have been promoting this since long before this pandemic. Is it to make it easier for me ? If I wanted to, I can already get it mailed to me and vote on an “absentee ballot”. So why is it so important that everybody gets their ballots through the mail, and mails them back ? I kind of like going down to the town hall, saying hi to the Clerk and J,P.s and getting my ballot in person, getting recognized by them, being checked off on their list, marking my ballot, and placing it into the machine. Is this really that inconvenient ? are they just that lazy? or is there an ulterior motive that causes them to want to bypass the security and accountability of voting in person ? I’d be willing to bet that a lot of the people pushing this initiative would go to Montpelier to protest this, but will not cross the street to go to a polling place to vote. Curious …..