Schools Start In Four Weeks. The State Is Scrambling To Set Up Broadband For Students - VPR

When Vermont students start the next school year in four weeks, many won’t have full access to the internet they need for remote learning.

"The COVID crisis has shined a bright light on the state's big broadband inequities as school officials and parents weigh the options of online and in-person classes. Andre Souligny is one of many parents who’d like to keep his kids at home this fall. But he doesn’t think it’s possible with the extremely slow internet connection at their home in rural Roxbury. “If we had really good internet, it would make a big difference in sort of the possibilities and the stress level,” he said. “You know, we would probably immediately choose to do remote learning, because it would be safer, safer than going to school.” Souligny’s family tested it out this spring. But with two children needing to do their school work online, his partner at home working remotely, a third child home from college – all tried to use an internet connection that’s about 25 times slower than the federal definition of broadband. "


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