School withdraws plan for parental opt-out on controversial issues - Eagle-Times

The Springfield School Board has withdrawn a proposal saying teachers “do not have a right to use the school setting as a forum to promote their personal views” and giving parental opt-out when the classroom gets too controversial.

“The district’s discussion on race only expanded leading up to Wednesday night’s meeting as less than a month after the Springfield School Board first talked about the age-appropriateness of the book, Derek Johnson, a newly-hired K-5 literacy coordinator, submitted a letter of resignation to McLaughlin on Wednesday, Sept. 2, saying that, in part, he experienced race-based microaggressions and attacks on his professionalism by high-level members of the district."



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  • Rob Roper
    commented 2020-09-15 08:02:59 -0400
    There has never been a better time to try home schooling! And demand of your politicians that funding follow the child.