School officials worry homeschooling exodus costing them $$ - VT Daily

Vermont public school funding is tied to a school census. The more children enrolled, the more money for the school district. And with homeschooling up 75%, that means fewer little funding sources sitting in public school desks.

“As reported first in VT Daily on July 21, Vermont homeschooling applications are up by 75%. Parents are concerned about children’s health, their own health, and/or changes in the public school learning environment in response to Covid-19. Public school funding is based partly on enrollment, so an exodus of students for any reason reduces revenue."



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  • Anna Gagne
    commented 2020-08-29 19:59:10 -0400
    Because of the uncertainty for the coming school year it makes sense to use the average daily membership of students for the last school year to fund Vermont schools this year. But in the future schools with way fewer students will have to look into consolidating grades or classes and other ways to cut budgets. It is a Vermont tradition to increase school budgets with fewer and fewer students each year. This has to stop at some point. We Vermonters are being taxed out-just look at the number of farms we lose each year. I don’t regret any money we use to help children, but there is a limit to what our economy can endure.