School board says no to citizen vote on LGBT, BLM flags - True North Reports

Sorry, no public meetings to discuss the citizen petition to place the question of BLM, Pride flags at school before voters. Due to the pandemic, that would be unsafe, the Mill River School Board said. And besides - the Supreme Court says the board doesn’t have to warn such a vote, anyway.

"Heffernan said the board received emails concerning the constitutionality of the decision to raise activist flags on public grounds. She said legal counsel advised them to refer to the 2018 Skiff, Jr. v. South Burlington case, which related to renaming South Burlington’s school sports teams from the “Rebels” to something else. “Our Supreme Court basically had held that the electorate does not have a right to vote on any petition that constructs or advises the school board to do anything,” Heffernan said. She added that because of the COVID-19 virus, which currently has three Vermonters hospitalized, there will be no special in-person school board meetings “for the seeable future” on any topic including meetings on the flags."

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  • Brian Vogel
    commented 2020-07-28 12:19:14 -0400
    This is taking taxpayer dollars, which should be used for education, and instead redirecting them to endorse political messages, quite possibly against the wishes of the taxpayers.
  • Patrick Finnie
    commented 2020-07-28 11:33:03 -0400
    Defund the school board !!!!!
  • Rob Roper
    commented 2020-07-27 10:25:17 -0400
    Public schools are government funded monopolies with a forced, captive audience of kids. It is not appropriate for government institutions to take sides on political matters. They can say BLM isn’t political or they’re not endorsing the political aspects of the sentiment, but by that logic you could say the exact same thing about the concept “Make America Great Again.” How would folks feel about schools flying MAGA flags?