State's top cop: VT not ready for retail pot - Burlington Free Press

Mike Schirling, Vermont Public Safety Commissioner, says Vermont should run a trial for marijuana driver impairment detection before legalizing retail marijuana. 


"I don’t think, at this stage, that we’re ready for the regulated market. It remains to be seen how that is going to flow long-term in the states that have created regulated markets."

"This is kind of a ‘what’s government good at’ question. Are we good at regulating things and are we good at sales against other folks? I question our ability to actually pull that off."

On roadside saliva testing:

"One of the things I suggested in the realm of saliva testing is, if we really can’t come to a full agreement on a full-fledged adoption, let’s test drive it. Let’s do an 18-month or two-year test without the regulated market. Let’s try it and just see what we get, and have a rip cord built in that every case where a saliva test is used is reviewed by a panel so that it’s ongoing, almost like a drug trial. So, we test the efficacy without making a hard policy choice that is difficult to unwind.”


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