Pres. Sanders will legalize DACA immigrants on Day One - Eagle-Times

Speaking to a crowd in Claremont NH, Sen. Bernie Sanders answered some Vermont activists' questions by promising he will:

1) appoint an Attorney General to make drug companies pay for charging too much and for their role in opioid addiction

2) legalize all DACA immigrants and start a pathway to full citizenship for another 11 million illegal immigrants

3) Push an energy/environmental plan very like the Green New Deal




"Pablo, an asylum seeker and a member of the New Hampshire Youth Movement, asked how the Sanders Administration would rebuild the asylum system, especially for people from countries where US foreign policy have negatively impacted their homes.

“On Day 1, we will end the demonization of the immigrant community,” Sanders said. “We have a president who is trying to divide our people up… this is a president that will do exactly the opposite: bring our people together.”

Sanders continued. “On Day 1, we will provide the legal status to the 1.8 million young people eligible for the DACA program. We will move to comprehensive immigration reform and a path toward citizenship fowr the 11 million undocumented. And we will develop a humane border policy based on international asylum standards.””

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  • C Henry
    commented 2019-11-03 18:59:41 -0500
    SocialistSanders, wishful thinking……….

    You haven’t cleared the first hurdle and that’s your surrogate
    party the DNC, and secondly, if you’re going to go toe to toe with
    Trump, you better double up on your heart medicine !!

    What an arrogant fool,