Sanders praises Warren’s issues-oriented campaign - Seven Days

Elizabeth’s Warren’s message won’t fade away, Bernie promised after the Massachusetts senator ended her campaign for president yesterday.

"Now, following Warren's announcement Thursday that she's exiting the 2020 race, Sanders is waiting to see whether she'll endorse his candidacy — and unite the progressive wing of the Democratic Party behind his campaign. Speaking Thursday at Burlington International Airport, Sanders confirmed that he had spoken to Warren for a second day in row since her disappointing finish in the Super Tuesday primaries. He would not say whether he had asked for her support, but he characterized their conversation as "positive" and praised her candidacy. "You know, I've been in politics for a little while, and I have seen many, many campaigns — including campaigns that have spent a lot of money — kind of fade away. The message fades away the day after the candidate drops out or loses," Sanders said. "That will not be the case with Sen. Warren.""

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