Sanders and Ilhan-Omar: cancel third-world debt - VT Business Magazine

Bernie Sanders and 300 other global lawmakers want the World Bank to wipe out third-world debt. It’s the least they could do, Sanders says. (Also - see Bernie’s high school graduation photo.)

““What this crisis shows us is that we have got to act as a global community—we truly are all in this together. That means protecting the most vulnerable amongst us,” said Sanders. “In the face of a horrific pandemic and a worldwide recession, we cannot allow poor countries to dedicate money that should be going towards protecting the health and safety of their people to pay off unsustainable debts. We cannot allow these countries to be deprived of the resources they need to purchase food, medicine, protective gear, and medical equipment. The steps that our international coalition of lawmakers is proposing are not radical. It is the very least that these financial institutions should do to prevent an unimaginable increase in poverty, hunger, and disease that threatens hundreds of millions of people.””

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  • Patrick Finnie
    commented 2020-05-17 10:10:40 -0400
    Beanie and the “Odd Squad” What’s the chances of them hooking up for something like this ? Hey Beanie, who’s going to forgive the trillions of dollars of debt that we incur because of the Wuhan Virus ? China ?