Rutland Town concerned about religious summer campers from New Jersey - Rutland Herald

A large group of summer campers from New Jersey may exceed the Covid-19 occupancy limits of Rutland’s Holiday Inn, town officials say.

"Perlstein agreed to provide copies of the youngsters’ COVID-19 test results to Faignant. Faignant indicated that he has seen some of those results and that the ones he saw were all dated for May or June. But Perlstein said that’s not the case; the test results were more recent, and there were young people who were not allowed to board the buses for Vermont because their results had not come back. Terenzini said the town is mostly concerned that the number of people at the hotel now exceeds state limits put in place to slow the spread of COVID-19. On Tuesday, he notified the governor’s office, who referred him to the Department of Public Safety. Faignant also notified the Office of the Attorney General of the situation on Tuesday."

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