Rutland man gets five years for sexually assaulting six-year-old boy - Rutland Herald

A sentence of five years for a man convicted of sexually assaulting a six-year-old is so light that future criminals will have little reason to plea bargain, the county prosecutor says. However, the man’s lawyer said it was fair.

"In a statement, Rose Kennedy, Rutland County state’s attorney, called the sentence “extremely disappointing.” “The Hugerth sentence makes plea negotiations almost impossible and means that more defendants will likely insist on a jury trial, believing that even after a potential conviction, the judge’s sentence will be lenient,” she said. Attorney Daniel Stevens, who represents Hugerth, said in an email he thought the sentence was fair. “Eric is 53 years old, and the effect of this sentence is that he is either incarcerated or on strict supervision for most, if not all, of his remaining life. He will be eligible for parole or furlough supervision after serving five years, but that’s not guaranteed."

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