Rockingham bans anonymous social media for town employees – Brattleboro Reformer

It hadn’t occurred to the town manager of Rockingham to say employees can’t operate anonymous social media accounts – until the mess with Burlington police chiefs surfaced. Now, it’s part of the new social media policy.

"Town Manager Wendy Harrison told the board she wanted to make changes to the policy before it was adopted to prohibit the type of social media account that got Burlington Police Chief Brandon del Pozo into hot water and forced him to resign. The deputy chief named to succeed him on an interim basis was demoted after it was learned she too had an anonymous account. Both del Pozo and Deputy Chief Jan Wright used their anonymous accounts, one on Twitter and the other on Facebook, to comment and engage with police department critics. Harrison said it never occurred to her to include a ban on anonymous accounts until the Burlington scandal broke. The police chief resigned on Monday; Wright was appointed, and then saw her promotion rescinded in a matter of hours.


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