Rights & Democracy launches statewide petition to oust Bennington chief, town manager - Bennington Banner

RAD hopes the petition will raise awareness statewide about how ‘marginalized’ people distrust police. It also wants Bennington PD to remove from its website photos of helmeted police officers. And it says that former Bennington Rep. Kiah Morris, now a RAD leader, is not directly involved.

"She added that calls in the online petition for the replacement of Police Chief Paul Doucette and Town Manager Stuart Hurd reflect what RAD believes is the only way to ensure there is a "change of culture" within the department. "This petition is also a statewide effort to offer support for marginalized people," Gerisch said, referring to persons of color, the poor, or those with mental health, addiction or other issues, many of whom said in a recent survey they did not trust Bennington police and were afraid to ask officers for help. The hope, she said, is that people who feel the same way in other communities will know they have people around the state willing to stand up for them."

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