Riding bus to school gets complex; officials suggest walking, biking, getting ride - Burlington Free Press

Until the risk of COVID-19 abates, adults should strongly consider driving their student to school, or nudging them to walk or bike if conditions are safe, state officials say. (And people wonder why homeschooling applications are over 4,000 this year.)

"The potential for coronavirus to spread in crowded, enclosed vehicles prompted the Department of Health and the Agency of Education to impose tighter rules, updated in mid-August: Bus windows must be left open except in unusual circumstances. "Students should wear appropriate clothing in the event of cold or drizzly weather."
All students must wear face coverings.
Assigned seating is a must.
Younger students will be seated near the front of the bus; older kids toward the back.
Students from the same household may sit together.
More bus stops may be created to minimize the number of students gathering in one place."

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