Revote Town Meeting school budgets, Scott administration proposes - VT Digger

The Scott administration wants school districts to vote - again - on their 2021 budgets. What voters agreed to in March, a week before the State of Emergency was declared, may not suit their wishes now, with a $100 million-plus school funding revenue deficit forecast. Some Democratic lawmakers disagree.

The state’s education fund is expected to face a shortfall of more than $160 million in the upcoming fiscal year. Adam Greshin, commissioner of the Department of Finance and Management, presented the idea to the House Ways and Means Committee Thursday. He said the plan would allow districts to reassess their financial health as the state gets a better sense of the fiscal impacts of the coronavirus crisis. It would also allow voters to better understand the “consequences” of their budget votes in the context of coronavirus-related budget shortfalls, Greshin said.."

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