Retired police chief tells lawmakers: when considering prison reform, listen to victims - True North Reports

The Legislature should leave decisions about probation, parole and life-sentencing to judges and juries who actually know the facts of the case. And they should listen to crime victims too, former Manchester Police Chief Bob Hall told lawmakers this week.

"I see a lot of talk about prison reform and people talking about a lot of the different things that have taken place, you know, to help reduce the prison population and that sort of thing. But I don’t see a whole lot of people going out and talking with the victims to see how that has impacted their lives,” Hall said. He said it is the role of the judge and jury to make a determination about life without parole, and that the bills undermine traditional jurisprudence. “As I explained to the Senate Judiciary Committee, I felt that in most cases the judge and the jury have heard the relevant evidence and they’ve heard the facts of the case. And I really think that it’s up to the judge and the jury to determine what’s appropriate in these cases,” Hall said."

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