Replacement for VT Health Connect website would cost $13 million next year alone – WCAX

Vermont Health Connect, the health-insurance enrollment software that has had mixed reviews since going online in 2013, may be replaced by a new program, “Integrated Eligibility.” Pricetag for 2020 alone - $13 million. It would l be ramped out over several years, costing who-knows-how-much, and will offer enrollment for other state programs.

"The system would allow users to scan and upload documents with their phone. Because it's so complex, the state is rolling it out in 12 stages. For comparison, Vermont Health Connect envisioned as one big package. Integrated Eligibility is slated to cost just over $13 million in state and federal dollars in 2020. Officials say they can't yet put a final price tag on what the system will cost because there will be ongoing costs associated with new technology over the years.

Senator Randy Brock, R- Franklin County, is questioning the program's cost and accountability. "How much are we continuing to spend now continuing to spend for workarounds, for outside contractors for temporary employees, for a variety of things that should have been in that system that were part of it and for Integrated Eligibility. How much are we going to spend to replace those things in Vermont Health Connect that didn't work and never have worked," he said.

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