Rep. Leland Morgan (R-Grand Isle) wonders: do we really want people to move to Vermont?

He’s just wondering out loud – would Vermont be better off if we didn’t have people moving here? Seems like the taxes they pay are never enough to cover the cost of more roads, schools, housing etc. etc.

“We all hear about people leaving Vermont and we are always thinking of ways to get people to move here. But do we really want people to stay and do we really want people to come here? The more people we have the more strain it puts on everything in the State- schools, roads, sewage treatment, water, recreation areas, lost land for new homes- you get the picture. Yes, they would pay taxes, but it never seems to be enough.

So, do we want more growth or do want to keep what we have and better manage what exists today? Again, this did not come from my mind. I only bring it up because I thought it interesting and worth passing on. What are your thoughts?"



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