Rep. Browning returns from exile, named to Agriculture/Forestry committee - Brattleboro Reformer

The Arlington Democrat who was kicked off the House tax committee for challenging Speaker Mitzi Johnson on remote voting has been named to the farm and forestry committee. Cynthia Browning is okay with it - but she’s still gunning for the Speaker’s job in January.

"Browning, D-Arlington, was added to that committee in one of the last sessions before the state House of Representatives adjourned until August 25. "As an economist and an environmentalist I know I can make a positive contribution to the deliberations of this committee. These are two of Vermont's important industries. So I am quite pleased," Browning said of the assignment. Another Southern Vermont lawmaker, Rep. Thomas Bock, D-Chester, was reassigned from the Agriculture and Forestry committee to the Commerce committee to make room for Browning."

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