Vermont second in nation for most rental homes - VT Digger

Unless you make big bucks, Vermont's a tough place to find good housing. It's number two in the nation in second home ownership. Is there a connection?

"About 17% of the housing units in Vermont – around 58,500 -- are vacation homes, said Tricia Harte, an outreach manager for Digital Third Coast. Using data from 2017, the company found that about 19% of the homes in Maine – about 143,300 - were vacation homes, and nearly 12% of the homes in New Hampshire – about 75,000 - were vacation homes."

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  • Patrick Finnie
    commented 2019-09-02 17:42:43 -0400
    Vermont will be more affordable for the people when the free-bee loving, big government promoting, socialists, start learning that the only way is to take more responsibility for their own lifestyle and expect less from Montpelier, and Washington. As long as the more “socially needy” people think that it is better to be dependent on free-bees from a Government that they otherwise have no use for, than it is to be self sufficient, our legislature will keep voting to supply those needy socialists with plenty of J, & J. talcum powder to powder their butts with, and pay someone to powder it for them, and taxes, housing, and other costs of living here will be high. Ahh the "good ole days when “Vermonters” would have been embarrassed to take hand outs from anybody, including the government.