Racial disparity seen in Covid-19 cases in Vermont - WCAX

Among other reasons, the high rate of minorities working with the public in service industries is contributing to a Covid-19 rate three times greater than non-whites. Telecommuting from the rural second home just isn’t an option.

"During the pandemic, health officials have urged us all to work from home if we can. But for low-income Vermonters who may work in fields with greater risk of exposure, there’s a greater risk of them bringing it home and spreading it among their household, especially if they live in intergenerational households or smaller spaces."

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  • d pilone
    commented 2020-12-21 12:38:55 -0500
    I believe that the explanation is far from scientific. What has been established for many years is that people of color originated around the equator of the globe. Their color protected them from the intense rays of the sun. As a consequence their color requires them to be in the sun more to get the necessary amount of vitamin D. What people of color are relocated to North America especially Vermont, people of color can not get the amount of vitamin D from our limited sunshine and become chronically deficient in this virus fighter. Its not racist, its science!
  • David Flemming
    published this page in The News 2020-12-18 16:07:15 -0500