Putney official publicly repents of “All Lives Matter” post - Brattleboro Reformer

The Putney Town Manager reposted on FB a photo of a white child shot by a black man and the words, “All Lives Matter. All Lives Matter. All Lives Matter.” The local NAACP complained. A special meeting of the select board was called to discuss the ‘incident’ and the painting of “Black Lives Matter” on a town street.

"I shared a picture of a child who was shot," Astley said, noting those were not her words. "As a Black person, do I want to come to Putney?" he [Windham County NAACP chair Steffen Gillom] asked. He said she exhibited a bias that is impossible to ignore. Astley said she had "no malicious intent" with her posting. "I apologize," she said, adding that "perhaps I need to be more educated" about racism."

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