Pro-life/police/gun advocate announces gubernatorial write-in campaign - Vermont Daily

Jim Sexton of Essex Junction realizes he won’t win the election for governor in November. He just wants to give people an opportunity to vote their principles.

“I have read hundreds of comments and posts about how many of you will vote for Scott again because Zuckerman is worse,” he said. “Zuckerman would surely force vaccines on you, would surely force mask mandates, would surely defund Police, hates our military and would continue to support domestic terrorist. Can’t vote for him, right?”

Yet he has this to say about Phil Scott: “Scott has spit in the face of conservative Vermonters in numerous ways. He has crippled the State with illegal and unconstitutional mandates that have caused great financial and physical harm to hundreds of thousands of Vermonters. Scott has taken away 2nd Amendment Rights. Scott has a 100% rating from Planned Parenthood, ensuring your tax dollars will go to ending the lives of babies even if you think it’s wrong. He supports cities that refuse to uphold immigration law.”



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